Gooch & Housgo 追溯NIST的计量检测业务

Detectors, Radiometers, Arrays and CCDs 测试

  • Absolute Spectral Responsivity
    • Spectral Power Response (A or V per W)
    • Spectral Irradiance Response (A or V per W/ cm2)
    • Spectral Radiance Response (A or V per W/ster cm2)
    • Total Irradiance Response (A or V per W/ cm2)
    • Total Power Response (A or V per W)
    • Illuminance Response (A or V per footcandle)
    • Luminous Flux Response (A or V per lumen)
    • Luminance Response (A or V per footlambert)

    Dr. Richard Young holds a Ph.D. in Chemistry and has been the vice president of the Council for Optical Radiation Measurement (CORM) since 2001.? He has also been recognized for his professional participation in and contributions to the Aerospace Lighting Institute (ALI), the International Commission on Illumination (CIE), the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (IESNA), and the International Society for Optical Engineering (SPIE).?


    • Spectral Irradiance Response
    • Spectral Radiance Response

    光源 发光器件测试


    • Spectral Irradiance (W/cm2 nm)
    • Spectral Radiance (W/ster cm2 nm)
    • Spectral Radiant Power (W/nm)
    • Spectral Exitance or Emittance (W/ cm2 nm)
    • Spectral Radiant Energy Density (J/ cm2 nm)
    • Spectral Radiant Energy (J/nm)


    • Radiant Power (W)
    • Irradiance (W/ cm2)
    • Radiance (W/ster cm2)
    • Radiant Energy (J)
    • Radiance Temperature (K)


    • Illuminance
    • Total Luminous Flux
    • Luminance
    • Color Temperature
    • Luminous Intensity
    • Chromaticity

    Gooch & Housego was established as an optical radiation instrumentation, standards and calibration laboratory in 1970.? Forming the nucleus of the company were two former NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology, formerly the National Bureau of Standards) physicists who had individually made significant contributions to the field of spectroradiometry and electro-optical technology.

    The company was established to eliminate a void that existed in industry, government, and academia in the area of optical radiation standards, calibration services, and measurement instrumentation.? As the result of a constant emphasis on precision and accuracy in these endeavors, the company has earned a worldwide reputation for high quality instrumentation and unique solutions to the most difficult and complex light measurement challenges.

    The key to Gooch & Housego’s capabilities lies in the nearly 100 collective years in light measurement accumulated by senior personnel.? The contributions to optical radiation measurement by the company’s former resident scientist alone, Dr. Richard Young, span more than 30 years.? Other key personnel’s education, involvement in industry organizations, and hands-on experience make them among the most respected professionals in this field.

    Though initially patterned after the procedures of NIST laboratories, Gooch & Housego has evolved its practices more toward handling practical calibration problems.? As a result, the company provides unique calibration services that include, but are not limited to, providing spectroradiometric, radiometric and photometric standards.

    Most of the standards and calibration services supplied by Gooch & Housego are directly traceable to NIST.? In those cases where NIST standards are not available, standards from other national laboratories or standards set up at Gooch & Housego are used.

    Gooch & Housego maintains the following primary shelf standards:

    • Spectral Irradiance Standards
    • Ultraviolet Irradiance Standards
    • High Intensity Irradiance Standards
    • Total Irradiance Standards
    • Spectral Radiance Standards
    • Diffuse Spectral Reflectance Standards
    • Specular Spectral Reflectance Standards
    • Silicon Detector Standards
    • Germanium Detector Standards
    • Pyroelectric Detector Standards
    • Luminous Intensity Standards
    • Color Temperature Standards
    • Radiance Temperature Standards



    • 1211UV光谱辐射度计、
    • CR 250 光谱辐射度计
    • CR 100/200亮度、色度计
    • LMK 98-4 color成像式亮度色度计
    • Lentino 波前分析仪
    • RiGO 801 -LED 近场分布式光度计
    • 多通道LED Bar 检测仪

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